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December 2012

Dear JRDC Families,

December is here! Costume deposits are due December 1st. In class, your students will be receiving a print out that lists all of their dances, the costume price (that is the total price for the costume, subtract the $50- deposit to see how much you owe) and the recommended size. Please initial the form and return it asap, if you feel your child is going to experience a growth spurt between now and June, please indicate that you would like a bigger size. The costume companies charge a high restocking fee when exchanging costumes, so returns are not possible. The dance costume includes tights; please indicate what size tights you would like us to order. If you did not get a form, please let us know immediately.

Please remember, once you commit to being a part of the recital, you are a part of a team. Your classmates depend on you to be in class every week, please make attendance a priority.

If you haven’t already, check out the costume board located in the hallway. Not only can you see the pictures of the costumes, you can also see what color and type of shoes are required for the recital so that you can plan ahead. Hip Hop classes that require low top converse sneakers, you can find them at payless and there is a link to them on our Facebook page.

We mentioned a scholarship opportunity given by Costume Gallery in our October Newsletter, we are so proud of ALL of our students that applied. The paragraphs that you all wrote were heartfelt, inspiring and made us so proud to be a part of your dance life. We are excited to announce that Christina DiLieto was announced as one of the winners! (Below is the paragraph she submitted.)
“10 years ago I lost the most important person in my life, my mom, my best friend and my role model. She taught me that if I put my mind towards something I wanted and never gave up, I would achieve my goal. I strive toward the goal to be a professional dancer. I want to reflect her wise words to my little sister so she could one day become a strong dancer and woman that I hope to be in footsteps of my mom. If I was fortunate enough to earn this scholarship, I would put it towards college to study dance. To become a teacher would fulfill the dreams I have had since I was little. I would not only teach students to love dance, and excel at it, but teach them to be headstrong, to know you can conquer anything if you work hard, just as I once was.”  – Christina DiLieto

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Food Drive; your generosity was appreciated.

If you sold DoDo Bags, orders will be available for pickup beginning Saturday December 1st.

Calling all DADS!!!! Now it is your turn to have the fun. Be a part of the 2013 Dad’s Company. More information coming next month! If you think you may be interested in performing a fun number in the recital, please email your name to so you can stay informed.

Go Green! If your dancer has outgrown their shoes, we may have a pair for you! We have a box of donated shoes behind the desk- if there is a pair in your size, feel free to take a pair or donate ones that no longer fit you.

We are open the week of Hanukkah, we hope all of our families celebrating have a great holiday, as always, make up classes are available if you have to miss class.

Just a reminder, we are CLOSED 12/24-1/1 for Christmas and New Years; we will re-open Wednesday 1/2.  We hope everyone has a safe, restful and enjoyable week and a Merry Christmas!

Please remember to label all of your belongings. The lost and found continues to grow. All items not claimed will be donated every odd Thursday.

As the weather begins to change and snow and salt are on the bottom of your shoes, please do not wear street shoes in the studio, change into clean sneakers once you arrive. Thank you for not chewing gum in the studio.

The JRDC Dance Team will be holding a 50/50 raffle to help raise money for their Warm-Up Suits and competition fees. Tickets will be $10 each, you can buy a ticket from any member of the team beginning December 20th. The Winning ticket will be pulled at 3pm on January 19th, you do not need to be present to win. A great opportunity to support the team and a chance for you to win some green! $$$$$

Tuition is due the 1st of the month. No bills are mailed out. All accounts not paid by the 10th of the month will incur a $5- late fee. January and June tuition are due on January 1st.  Semi-Annual Tuition is due on February 1st.

Applications for the 2013 Tricia A. Odierna “Ballare” Scholarship will be emailed out on December 17th and due to the front desk by January 18th.


Love Always,

Ms. Jacqui and staff


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